Contact Your Legislators

April 12, 2018

The drastic cuts that LNHA previously alerted you to are still being considered. 

As a reminder, the proposed SFY 2018/19 budget eliminates the Medicaid Long Term Care Special Income Level Program Eligibility Group. According to the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH), this program provides Medicaid eligibility for approximately 80% of Medicaid residents receiving care in nursing facilities. If this cut is enacted, any resident with an income greater than $750 per month would no longer qualify for Medicaid. According to LDH, last year 31,000 nursing facility residents qualified for Medicaid nursing facility services through this program. The elimination of this program would force these senior and disabled residents out of Louisiana's nursing facilities overnight which would lead to the closure of most, if not all, nursing facilities.

Even if you responded previously, act immediately as budget considerations are still being made. Click the link below to contact your legislators and emphasize the seriousness of this cut and the impact it will have on your facilities and the residents who depend on the care you provide.

Click here to take action and let your voice be heard.

Please send this message to your staff, colleagues, vendors, and family members and encourage them to contact their legislators. Thank you for your concern and participation at this critical time in our profession.


Mark Berger, Executive Director
Louisiana Nursing Home Association



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