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LNHA Urges You to Share our Message on Your Facebook Page
Many of you have asked how you can help educate your friends on social media about the proposed cut that would force 16,500 nursing home residents out of their homes overnight because they will lose their Medicaid eligibility. LNHA encourages you to visit our Facebook page and click "share" on this post and get this message out to your friends, family members, colleagues, vendors and other community members. Please share this message with your friends, family members and staff and encourage them to share the post as well. Even if you have shared a post about this cut in the past, please do so again.
Need instructions on how to share a post?
Log in to Facebook and search for the Louisiana Nursing Home Association Facebook page. Find the post and click "share" and "post now." Once you complete the steps, it is on your Facebook wall for all of your friends to see!
LNHA also encourages you to share this post so your friends can read the recent article in the Advocate entitled "Letters: Attacks on nursing homes inaccurate." Click "share" on this post to directly share it to your Facebook wall.



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