Resident Success Stories

Sarah Porter, Kaplan Healthcare Center

Ms. Sarah Porter is a 74-year-old native of Gueydan, Louisiana. Ms. Porter worked in the medical field as a certified nursing assistant until health issues forced her to retire. With her medical expertise, she knew the road to recovery would be tough. 

When Ms. Porter developed a non-healing diabetic wound on her heel, she was treated constantly but to no avail. This non-healing wound resulted in an above knee amputation, but that didnít slow her down. She was determined and always gave more effort than required. Before long, Ms. Sarah was walking 30 feet with a platform walker and transferring to/from bed using a sliding board. 

Ms. Porter faced obstacles that would have anyone feeling defeated or depressed. She defeated every challenge with a smile. All of her hard work and optimism has paid off. Sarah is now discharged from the facility and lives at home independently. She looks forward to receiving her prosthesis, and when she has mastered that process, she promises to come back to the facility to "show off.Ē

Joann Parker, Gonzales Healthcare Center

Mrs. Joann Parker is a 79-year old native of Baton Rouge. Last year, Mrs. Parker was in a broadside collision. She sustained serious injuries including three broken vertebrae, six fractured ribs and multiple bruises all over her body.

When Mrs. Parker arrived at the Gonzales Healthcare Center nursing facility in December 2016, she was unable to walk and had to lay completely flat without pillows. She was extremely feeble. She had to wear a hard back brace and heavily depended on nursing facility caregivers to complete her daily living tasks. Mrs. Parker participated in physical and occupational therapy five times a week for four weeks and her condition improved significantly.

Now, rather than being confined to her bed, she can stand and walk around the facility with a rolling walker. She has regained a lot of her strength and is much more independent with her daily activities. When asked her opinion of her experience with the therapy team she said, "Itís working! I wish I could stay longer! I have made wonderful progress and I think the people in therapy are fantastic!

Carroll Alford, Carrington Place of Springhill

Mr. Carroll Alford came to Carrington Place of Springhill for physical, occupational and speech therapy after undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery as well as valve replacement in his heart. He began his journey with Therapy Center on March 7, 2017, and was discharged back to home on March 17, 2017, after two weeks of intense therapy.

Initially, upon arrival to Carrington Place, Mr. Alford required assistance with all activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing and ambulation. He was only able to stand for short periods of time. He had poor endurance and was limited by surgery precautions. By discharge, Mr. Alford was independent with all mobility and most activities of daily of living. He continued with outpatient physical therapy and is doing very well at home with improved endurance and increased activity tolerance.

Mr. Alford is now home with his wife and has returned to his duties at home as the primary caretaker. When asked why he was so successful with therapy he responded, "Therapy has helped me get my strength back! I now can ride the stationary bike for 30 minutes.Ē



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